Friday, October 11, 2013

A Frightfully Fun Time at the Count’s Halloween Spooktacular

A Frightfully Fun Time at the Count’s Halloween Spooktacular



I just had a frightfully fun time celebrating a not too spooky Halloween at the Count’s Halloween Spooktacular at Sesame Place! It looks like they did an Extreme Makeover: Sesame Place Edition because the park was transformed into a silly and fun Halloween haven. There were Halloween decorations everywhere, Halloween-themed shows, a character hayride, character mazes, and even a rubber duckie costume disco!

It all started when I woke up on Saturday morning and asked for Elmo and Mommy and Daddy replied that we were going to visit him at Sesame Place in honor of my BFF Fiona’s birthday and an early Halloween. I immediately got dressed as quickly as I could and ran down to the car with Mommy so Daddy could drive us to Sesame in a hurry.

We arrived at Sesame Place and the welcome sign with Big Bird was replaced with a special sign featuring the Count. There was purple garland and Halloween decorations and numbers everywhere. In the spirit of the Count, I started counting! By the time I counted to ten and we were inside the park and once inside, I got dressed for the occasion (you are encouraged to attend in costume!). I wore my Abby Cadabby costume of course! Now I was ready for action.

I started running uncontrollably around the park with excitement. Everyone couldn’t help but notice how cute I was dressed as Abby Cadabby. Lots of other toddlers thought I was Abby’s look-a-like and asked to take a picture with me. I was happy to do so for my fans. Then I was off and running (literally) to Elmo’s World Live! The show informed us all about Halloween. I learned all about this fun holiday with the help of everyone’s favorite monster, Elmo! And Dorothy, Mr. Noodle, and Telly joined Elmo to teach us about Halloween. I was taught very important lessons about costumes, trick-or-treating, and more.
It was so much fun that I worked up an appetite so we went to celebrate at the Count’s Batty Birthday Bash! “One bat, two bats, three bats!” Count said as he welcome us and gave us a bat noise maker. We had a yummy buffet lunch followed by cupcake to celebrate the Count and Fiona’s birthday. Yummy in tummy! And then we had an educational dance party in true Sesame style. I danced like a ballerina with Zoe, did a yummy cookie dance with Cookie, soared across the dance floor with Super Grover, and partied like a Sesame monster with my best friend Elmo. Elmo loves me. He told me so!
Next it was off to the Countdown to Halloween musical show where I was trick or treated to a performance starring Count, Elmo, Zoe and Abby. The show followed Count as he started a journey alone but was joined by more and more friends on his favorite night of the year – Halloween!
After protesting nap time, I channeled my inner Abby Cadabby as I weaved and rambled through Abby Cadabby’s Magical Halloween Maze. It was so magical – even the pumpkins were pink like Abby! I went in the enchanted maze and using all my senses helped Abby find her wand. Poof!
I next poof-ed myself to Ernie’s Rubber Duckie Costume Party. There was a rubber duckie bigger than Daddy! And Ernie and Bert were there dressed as a duckie and a pigeon. We all gathered in the larger than life bathtub disco and danced up a storm. Rubber Duckie disco made dancing oh so fun! Quack! 
The party continued as I danced my way over to meet and greet my best Sesame friends. Everyone was dressed in costume just like me (I always have been a trend setter). I ran to greet my Sesame friends one by one but I stopped in my tracks when I saw Elmo! “Elmo” I squealed, saying hi with a sweet wave of my Abby wand, and ran like a bull in a china shop straight to Elmo. Elmo gave me a big smile and hug. I was tickled red! Elmo was dressed like a kitty cat, Abby like a fairy princess, Ernie like a pirate, and I could go on and on. I ran to each friend, gave them a great big Elle Belle hug, then I told them to snuggle me close for a picture, and I posed for the camera. We worked it baby! Then I thanked my favorite friends for the pictures with high fives and saying thank you!
The last stop of the Halloween hay ride for me was The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular “Neighborhood Street Party” parade. It was a blast! And the finale was a happy Halloween song that is so catchy that Mommy, Daddy and I all couldn’t stop singing it!
I am walking on sunshine, scratch that, I mean pumpkins, after a visit to the happiest street on earth to celebrate the Count’s Halloween Spooktacular!

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