Monday, October 7, 2013

A beary fun time for big and little cubs alike!

A Beary Fun Show in Bear Country

Elle Belle Reports On “Berenstain Bears Live”


The Berenstain Bears Live
I am still smiling after going to Bear Country and seeing the “beary” wonderful adventures in “Berenstain Bears LIVE.” (which runs now through January 2104).  I almost could not “bear” the excitement and had a grizzly good time!

The set was bright and colorful and the bears looked just as they do in the books. It was so inviting that this very important bear (V.I.B.) parked herself on the grassy knoll and took in the story up close and personal with all her favorite bears.

The show was just an hour long, the perfect length to keep any little cub’s attention, and the story was sweet as the sugary snacks the bears love. The show weaved together three different stories (The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers, The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food, and The Berenstain Bears’ Trouble at School) so seamlessly I didn’t even know it was a three in one! Triple score!

The show captivated me from the start when the bears appeared on the set and started singing to me. Brother Bear got sick and was sneezing and wheezing—his nose sounded so silly. Dr. Grizz made him all better but he still had to stay home and rest and miss soccer. And Brother was so upset about missing soccer that he didn’t do his math homework (even though he was having a math quiz). Then at school he had to sit out at practice to stay healthy but still didn’t do his homework. Then in math class he failed his math quiz. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Sister Bear loves making new friends with other bears, and even a special frog friend, on her way to school but Brother Bear warns her not to talk to strangers and Mama Bear already told her she can’t bring frogs home. When Papa Bear hears about this, he tells a scary story about strangers which scared me (and Mommy, too, but don’t tell her I told you). Now Sister doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

And all the bears love their sugary snacks, especially Papa Bear. But the sugary snacks aren’t good for you. I learned that little cubs need good nutrition and healthy snacks to grow big and strong. And even big bears like Papa Bear need healthy snacks. Papa Bear grew wide instead of tall and said there was just more of him to love. But he grew so much from junk food that he split his pants right on stage. I laughed out loud! I even saw his red polka dot underwear!

And guess what silly things happen? Brother Bear tries to hide his failed quiz, Sister Bear sneaks the frog back to the bear tree (I was in suspense the whole time the frog was hiding and kept calling ribbitt!), and Papa Bear secretly eats junk food. By the end, Mama Bear figures it all out and helps solve everyone’s problems while reminding everyone of important lessons. Brother Bear learns to do his homework and succeed at math, Sister Bear learns to be cautious making new friends, and Papa Bear learns to be a good role model by eating healthy for him and his cubs! Also thanks to Mama Bear brother learned his division, the frog found a safe home outside the tree, and everyone ate healthy. The family learned important lessons from each other making them an even happier family. They even ran a race together as a happy, healthy family and won a shiny trophy. Go team go!
And the show stopper was at the end when the bears taught us to do Papa Bear’s pants splitting dance by pointing our fingers, rubbing our tummy, and jumping for hip hop hurray! This little cub had a “beary” good time.

After the show, the Bear Family came to greet everyone! Mama Bear asked me if I wanted a bear nose painted on but I said no. And Brother and Sister Bear stayed for photos but I said no, too. But lots of other kids got bear noses and “beary” special photos. I just hugged my new Mama Bear doll and went home with my own “beary” loving family.

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