Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Elle Belle

Dream Sequence: Mommy checks yet again and finally finds a perfect match for a book called “How to Raise a Perfect Child Step by Step for type A, overachieving parents, who are used to everything going according to a detailed plan and on schedule.” Babies for Dummies is not the right fit for her perfect baby.

From the moment we arrived at home, mom’s guide book worked like a charm. I was a perfect baby. I enjoyed my three hour schedule of eat, play, and sleep. I nursed every two hours without fail, napped at each scheduled nap interval on the dot for a full nap time, and played like a champ. I just wanted to please my parents and start listening well at any early age. I never cried. I communicated via telepathy. My poos never were stinky. I enjoyed sitting in pee pee diapers and did not require frequent changing. I did not like dirtying myself so preferred not to spit up. Other babies are ill mannered, sloppy, and too noisy.

The Reality:  After nine months, we are rocking and rolling and enjoying each unique day and learning from each other. But truth be told, I was not a perfect baby.

Let me tell you about me. As a newborn, I didn’t like to eat much. It was boring and I was sleepy. I would fall asleep nursing and mom would have to tickle me, tap me with wet washcloths, and nudge me along. I wanted to eat when I was hungry not just at two hour intervals. So I fed on demand. Heck, do you eat at two hour intervals? And I didn’t like to sleep on schedule. I wanted to sleep when I was tired which usually was during the day so I could really enjoy life at night. Or if daddy was holding me I liked to sleep on his chest. It is still the perfect resting spot for me. He is so much more comfy than my crib mattress.  Lastly, I was not ready to play. The world was, and still is, so new and I was just trying to figure it all out. My activity mat was cool and al but I simply just wanted to be held and loved. And I was both…very much. As a newbie, diaper dandy, or any other names the older babies called me, I had a lot to figure out and I wanted to do it my way. Nine months later so much has changed and I cannot wait to tell you more about it but first things first…

If you are going to follow my adventures please have an open mind and open heart. I am still just a baby and tend to be very sensitive. I know I am sensitive since all my diapers and wipes and things say so. I have a lot of important observations to share that some adults don’t always like to hear. Like although I am a super happy baby, things still make me cry-like if I am tired, hungry, peed my diaper, or cutting a tooth.  As everything is new and exciting, I hope you will appreciate my enthusiasm for this whole new world and find the happy baby inside of you, too.

Tugs on Heartstrings: Mommy and daddy opened their minds and hearts and give me their everything and then some. They really get my baby babble and trust their instincts allowing us to be the perfect family that we are meant to be.  I look forward to sharing tips as I learn them and telling you about our dreams and reality in the coming days.